Tim McCullough

Tim McCullough, aka TeeMack, is a professional transportation and automotive event photographer. His photo/artworks have been seen all over the world. His interest in photography goes back to Junior High School. Every since that time, he has taken photographs every where he has traveled over the last 50 years. He took over 1000 photos during his two tours of duty in Vietnam. He took over 2000 photos traveling America while working as a bus driver for Trailways Bus Company. His interest in the transportation industry has led him to specializing in photographing anything with wheels. "If it has wheels, he's going to photograph it." He's been one of the official photographers for the Art of the Car Concours show in Kansas City for eight years. His talent with digital photo artworks has been praised by his fellow photographers in the Kansas City area and around the world. He explains "The hard work, innovation, imagination and fabrication of the vehicles that he photographs is a tribute to the owners, mechanics, fabricators and painters". His goal is to present each vehicle with it's own unique special photo/artwork treatment. A photo/artwork that the, owner or collector, will be proud to displaying in his garage, den, or office.
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